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Organic weed management: A practical guide

Organic weed management: A practical guide. (446 KB pdf file) A report, with figures, describing the systems and practice required for weed control in organic horticultural and agriculture in temperate climates. Updated in September 2002 with additional information on perennial crops, composts, manures, irrigation, post harvest issues, thermal weeders, and an updated further sources of information section. Download reference in RIS format.

Although the first version of this booklet 'Organic weed management: A practical guide' was written well over a decade ago, it continues to be the most downloaded file on my website. Its continued popularity, along with my own experience and the change in weed management science and practice over the intervening years means that I believe it is now time for the original concept - providing the underpinning theory and practical techniques of 'organic weed management' to be expanded into a comprehensive eBook. I tried in 2011 to find funding to do this but failed. It remains a project I would love to undertake if circumstances allow. If you would like to help make it a reality please do contact me.

Thanks for your interest and happy weeding!

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