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Professional Services

I offer a range of professional services for organic horticulture and computing on both a once-off and continuing basis.

Organic horticulture

For organic horticulturists I provide extension and consulting services relating to organic conversion, certification, whole farm planning, general business advice, and detailed information on crop production and machinery.


I give general advice for personal users and small businesses on hardware and software selection, purchase, setup, maintenance, data backup, all aspects of the internet, and security. I provide tuition and detailed advice on major software packages such as email, web browsers, word processing, spreadsheets and databases. I also advise on, and design and build websites.

Unsolicited testimonials

Please also see my CV for details of my work and experience

Terms and charges

I negotiate all charges and terms on an individual basis. Please do not hesitate to contact me for a no-obligation no-cost discussion of your requirements. If I am not busy I am often happy to answer short questions free of charge.

Physical Weeding: A business I co-own with Tim Chamberlain that specialises in agricultural equipment for physical weed management including direct fired steam weeders, flame weeders, the Four Wheel Hoe (pedestrian hoe), and false seed bed tillers (cultivators). The site also contains more recent information on physical and cultural weed management techniques that the organic weed management document on my research page.

Agro-Ecological Investment Management Ltd. Is an agro-ecological asset management business, providing a complete range of agricultural land management services, for which I am Director and Head of Agronomy.

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