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Email - please use this email address in preference to all others unless you experience problems, e.g., a bounce due to spam filters.
Mail email address image Please note: The clickable email links on this page use a JavaScript based encryption system to protect against harvest by spambots. Please either enable JavaScript or copy the email address from the image to the left. You may also get a warning in Internet Explorer about active content, which you will need to allow if you wish to use the clickable email links.

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Backup email address if you are unable to contact me on the above eddress. Please do NOT use this email address unless the above eddress will not work.
charles-merfield.asc PGP public key file (for both OpenPGP (gnupg) and PGP Corp)
+64 (0) 210 231 8901 New Zealand mobile phone. Current NZ time is
charlesmerfield Skype name

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