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Web Design Philosophy

My philosophy of website design is to produce fresh, clean looking sites, that are quick, intuitive and easy to navigate enabling all users to quickly find the information they require. I am personally more interested in the content / information of websites than an having an amazing visual experience and this is reflected in the limited numbers of graphics and my traditional approach to page layout. For other examples see www.sunnyfields.co.uk which won the 2005 Hantsweb Award and steamweeding.co.nz

I consider compatibility very important. Firefox is on the ascendancy and and I consider it bad form to code only for one browser especially Internet Explorer. For this reason I support the AnyBrowser campaign.

On the coding side I use Dreamweaver to do most of my site building with additional hand coding to ensure that the html is pure, concise, clean and conforms to the W3 consortium's HTML standards. I like using cascading style sheets to allow the html code to describe the logical structure of the pages (as it should do) and use CSS for formatting.


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