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Tim Chamberlain Testimonial

Thanks Merf!

On behalf of the committee and members, I would like to thank Merf for being instrumental in starting the Canterbury Commercial Organics Group, creating its excellent newsletter, contributing many articles and being involved with all the activities over the last three years.

The reason we are thanking Merf is because he is in the final stages of his Masters (if he can locate any mites) and after a period looking around New Zealand he is off. His aim is to check out career prospects and Universities where he can do a PhD in weed control. I would hope that any further studies Merf did would have a Southern Hemisphere aspect. Time will tell is New Zealand is good enough to draw him back.

On a personal note I want to say that Merf has been very important to what we have done at Harts Creek Farm. Merf first appeared at out place in October 94 when he saved a 1.5ha crop of onions I was about to rotary hoe in. Over the last five plus years he has helped us with all facets of planning, growing and creating a set of equipment for effective weed control, and has been a valued friend of our whole family.

I have no hesitation in recommending Merf as a consultant in organic weed control and plant management and would suggest contacting him early if you would like his input before he leaves.

Tim Chamberlain. Canterbury Commercial Organics Group Newsletter number 11 April 2000

Tim Chamberlain farms Harts Creek Farm in New Zealand

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